Six Ways to Enjoy an Outdoor Workout Session for Ultimate Fitness

Staying fit, looking sexy and a perfect toned down body does not require the use of machinery and the effort to go to gym always. You can totally attain your summer beach body with full proof exercises which you can do at home; whether it’s in front of the television with loud music or close to nature outside in your garden. The latter can be super exciting in the spring season; where flowers are out and so is the sun with the perfect breeze of wind.

Incorporating the following six exercises in your daily work out routine will not only bring you closer to nature (because you’ll be doing them outside) but define your abs along with the areas next to it which include your pelvis, spine and hips. Many resort to diet pills as well, which are really not the solution.

So stop wasting time, get a work out mat and run to the ground. If you do these exercises twice to thrice on a weekly basis, you’ll get your desired summer body in no time. Just make sure that you take minimum fifteen seconds between each exercise as it is important.

  • Knee Tuck

Keep your hands on a surface higher than the floor in a way that your arms are placed directly under your shoulders. It could be a low wall or a bench in the park. Put your feet back and with one another so that you’ve maintained a straight line fro your ears to ankles.

Pull in your abs making a natural curve in your lower back. Now move towards the inside through your torso pulling your left knee forward like in a tucking position. Through all this, your lower back is allowed to go slightly upward. Then pause and contract your muscles and repeat. Continue changing legs for 40 reps.

  • Seated Crunch

Take a seat on a low wall or preferably a bench and keep your hands right next to your hips. Put your legs in front with your feet together and knees slightly bent. Move a bit backward, such that you’re leaning your body and pull up both your legs through the help of your ab muscles. Don’t lose the balance. Pull your knees towards your chest and maintain a long spine through all this. Put both legs in the starting position and repeat the movement till 20 reps are done.

  • Side Plank Knee Crunch

Again making use of a bench or a low wall, keep your left hand right below that particular shoulder stepping into a side way plank. Place your right hand on your head and your feet with one another, keeping a straight line between your ankle and your ears.

As you keep your left leg intact where it is, pull your right knee upward toward your right elbow. That makes one and then you repeat this movement till 15 reps are completed. After this change your side and complete with the other leg as well.

  • Leaning Crossover

Place yourself on the front edge of a low wall or bench in the park or your garden in a way that you can lean towards the back and pull forward your legs. Keeping your feet together reach your arms over your head. Keep the leaning angle intact through the help of your main muscles, the bring together your right hand and left toe.

That would make one rep. Put yourself back in the starting position and finish the move on the other side. Continue to do so while changing sides for about 30 reps.

  • Straight-Leg Reach

Time to lay on the grass! Place yourself on the grass facing towards the sky and start on your back. Stretch out your legs and reach out your arms over your head. Now as you exhale, move up both your legs and reach out for your ankles or shins with your hands. Just in one quick move, bring up your lower and upper body as you lift your chest towards the sky. Melissa McCarthy Weight Loss

The purpose is to make you lift up your shoulders as far above as possible by lifting it off the grass. That makes one rep, now inhale as you repeat the move and complete 30 reps.

  • Straight-Leg Oblique

Lay straight on the grass bending your right knee and stretching out your left leg. Put both your hands on your head and bring both your elbows together at the knee as you contract your muscles. Lift your shoulders as far off the ground as you can along with twisting your torso to the left. That would make one rep. To start over, you release to the position where you started and repeat for 20 reps in total (for one leg). Do the same for the other leg.

Outdoor workouts are better than diet pills!

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