Rules and Regulations of Olympics Weightlifting

Every game has its rules, and so does weightlifting, but have you ever read through the rules and regulations that apply on Olympics Weightlifting?

Weightlifting is one of the earliest most sport that has been part of Olympics games since they started. In this game, competitors lift heavy weights that are mounted on a barbell. Most of the rules for Olympics weightlifting are adopted from the rules and regulations set by the International Weightlifting Federation. Although the set of rules spread to a wide spectrum, starting from how to apply for participation at the Olympics Weightlifting competition, what to do after selection, what measures to consider and what rules to abide by during the competition, and rules for judging a winner as well, but we will mostly cover the main rules here, including the rules about dress-code, wearing of weightlifting accessories and bands, and the rules to follow during the competition, along with a few rules that are the basis of selecting and announcing a winner.

Before heading on to the rules, you need to know about the two levels of Olympics Weightlifting game. This sport consists of two lifts: ‘The Snatch’, and ‘The Clean & Jerk’. Each participant has to take part in both these levels. The Snatch is the first level, where the barbell of weights is supposed to be lifted from the floor to an overhead position, in only one motion. In Clean & Jerk, the participant lifts the barbell of weights from the floor and places it on the shoulders in one motion, then after a pause, he/she lifts the bar in an overhead position. This sport requires a lot of strength by the participants, because it is a timely game and participants have to lift weight within the allocated time limit, hence it is recommended to take strength and performance increasing supplements like Dbal Max which is free from steroids, and provides stamina to lift such heavy weights. Dianabol

Here is a list of rules and regulations that need to be followed by all participants of Weightlifting sport in the Olympics:

  • When the competition begins, the participating athlete or weightlifter is given a chance to name the weight they want to start with, and the lowest weight goes first.
  • Each player has to participate in two levels of weightlifting, which are ‘The Snatch’ and ‘The Clean & Jerk’. The participant is given one minute to lift the weights. A warning bell rings when the player has 30 seconds left for the attempt.
  • Three chances are given to each player for each of the two levels. Within the body weight category of each player, the highest of the attempted successful lifts are considered, and that determines the player’s overall result.
  • Men and women players have different categories of body weight based on their gender. Usually, there are eight weight categories for men, and seven categories for women, which totals to fifteen in number.
  • For each category, there are different lifts. When doing Snatch, the bar is raised from floor to above the head in one movement. Whereas, for Clean & Jerk, two stages are performed. One where the bar of weights is lifted from the floor and brought to the shoulders, and second when it is raised above the head from shoulders.
  • The gold medal goes to the athlete who has the heaviest combination of weights lifted in both levels of the game.
  • When there is a tie between two players for the weight lifted, the contestant with lowest body weight is announced as winner.

  • In case of a tie where both contestants lifted the same total weight and both have the same body weight as well, then the first person to lift the total weight is declared the winner.
  • As soon as the bar is raised from the floor and brought above the knee, it is considered as an attempt. The lift is considered to be successful only if the lifter stands with his arms and legs straight with the bar.
  • There are three judges to the game, and if all three are satisfied with the lift, they will ring a buzzer and will declare the lift as successful.
  • Weightlifters are not allowed to use lubricants, grease, oil, or talcum powder on their thighs, but they can use magnesium-chalk on their thighs and hands.
  • It is an anti-doping game; hence it becomes the participant’s responsibility to ensure that no prohibited substance enters their body. Therefore, no prohibited substance, or its metabolites or markers should be found present in the sample of the participating athletes. However, health and fitness supplements such as Dbal Max are okay, as this particular supplement is free from steroids.

The Olympics Weightlifting game has a long list of rules and regulations concerning all the aspects of this game, and can be downloaded from the websites of International Weightlifting Federation or the Olympics games, but all the main and most important rules are listed above.

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