Is Tea Effective For Weight Loss?

The consumption of tea is common worldwide. From diversity in nature to color, we are offered with some hundreds of its kinds.  

fast weight loss teas

The powerhouse of health, this herbal brew is associated with incalculable amount of health benefits.

Each of its kind encompasses health-boosting compounds known as flavonoids.

Flavonoids are known to possess anti-inflammatory properties and not just this, the natural substances have the potential to prevent certain health ailments including diabetes and heart disease. 

But a question that is commonly asked pertaining to the use of tea is that whether or not it is effective for fast weight loss?

Of course, expecting a single cup to cause some unimaginable reduction in your weight is meaningless, however, there are some studies supporting the point that it does help with a bit of weight loss, if combined with suitable sets of exercises and diet.

Surprisingly, you can also slash 300 calories from your daily caloric intake by having tea with lemon, as a part of your breakfast.


Tea contains catechins, the kind of flavonoid that can aid in weight loss.

The flavanoid defenses your body against dangerous substances and therefore, is said to be a potent disease-fighting agent.

With regard to weight loss, catechins are found to be very significant. These may pace up the basal metabolic rate and can play a role in the breaking down of fats.

And of course, the stimulant caffeine enables the extra consumption of energy, resulting in the usage of more and more calories.

So apart from the other health benefits we can derive from tea, we can consider catechins and caffeine to possess the weight loss effects.

Most of us, after winning the battle against weight gain, tend to witness the regaining of weight shortly.

Perhaps, it is one of the most common, frustrating and discouraging problem, which is almost a part of this process. But fortunately, the consumption of tea in continuity, can greatly aid cut down this ‘regaining’ part from the process.

Basically, the metabolic activities tend to become sluggish once the process ends, this is the reason why many fail to sustain the results, generated during the phase.

However, those who do not discontinue the intake of tea, actually decrease their tendency of gaining back. The tea can help them keep up the pace of metabolism and hence, stay in shape.

Well, as we got see a variety of tea around us, something that’s pretty interesting about tea is that each of its kinds is derived from a particular shrub called the Calellia sinensis.

It’s their processing methods that actually determine their type and color.

So very quickly and very briefly, let’s have a look to the kinds of tea, commonly used by the masses:


It is the fermented form of tea that is commonly used for the making of ice tea.

black tea for weight loss

The fermentation process of course, enhances its taste and the amount of caffeine it encompasses.

Unfortunately, there is lack of evidences supporting the role of black tea in weight loss, however, animal-based studies have shown some positive results.

As per the results, some chemicals in black tea like polyphenols may help in preventing the sopping up of fat in the guts.

But, if you wish to induce weight loss, you need to ensure that its fat blocking properties are kept intact.

For that, avoid adding milk in your drink.


The non-fermented form of tea, the consumption of green tea is common almost everywhere.

green tea for weight loss

The method through which it is processed is pretty simple. It involves heating, rolling, drying and crushing!

Green tea is a healthy source of EGCG, a catechin that can greatly assist the shedding of weight. Several researches and studies on EGCG have further confirmed that the kind of catechin contains weight loss properties and is highly effective in the melting of mulish, abdominal fats. But in order to generate the desired effects from the drink, you must take at least 6-7 cups everyday!


The processing of Oolong tea involves simple sun-drying.

oolong tea for weight loss

It is another heavy source of catechins that can be counted as a good weight loss agent.

According to a study, the tea can aid in modest weight loss and is found to be effectual in the firming up of belly. 


And at last, we have white tea, the mildest of all the aforementioned teas. Its processing is based on steaming, followed by drying.

white tea for weight loss

It is mild flavored with a sweet, mesmerizing taste.

According to a lab research, the tea has the ability of breaking down fat and impeding further production.

Though, the human trials are still pending.


 The research on green tea as a weight loss substance is somewhat positive.

However, none can deny that it is a powerful health booster with admiring disease fighting abilities.

A single cup of green tea, of course, can never fix your body imperfections and the best you can do for that is persuing healthy habits!


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