NooCube Review – Should You Use It? | Supplement Critique

Are there days when you forget what you had planned on doing at 5pm? Or where you kept that one book you wanted to read? You’re not the only one. Weak memory is a very common phenomenon that is nothing to worry about but not even something to take lightly. It is said that there human brain has a very strong adaptive capacity and that we can easily boost how our brain works- the ability is called neuroplasticity. Using the right ways your brain can alter its existing functioning and form better, faster and more efficient neural pathways to help with memory and cognitive functions. Specifically learning and memory are the two realms that can heavily be influenced by practice and exercise- neuroplasticity helps enhance cognitive abilities and thus, in turn, significantly impacts memory- to make it more efficient and faster.

What is Noocube?

There also supplements available which help boost the functioning of your brain, NooCube is one of them. NooCube is a revolutionary dietary supplement (a form of Nootropic), which has proven to help with memory and focusing abilities of individuals, resulting in a better quality of mental health in everyday life. The best part is that these supplements are a hundred percent natural thus, does not have any side effects.

These pills have primarily been developed for improving the memory of the user, increasing the brain’s capacity to learn and retain information. It includes Alpha GPC, which increases the Acetylcholine level in the brain, and thus helps in the formation of new memories. Some ingredients present also help with stress reduction, which protects neurons- ultimately making memory stronger. The pills have also been very successful due to the fact that they are caffeine and gluten-free, thus safe for everyone.  Also, clinical tests were held for each ingredient which proved that every ingredient works great for the purpose it has been added and is also safe.

What are essential workouts for your brain?

Just like your body, your brain too remains in good shape if you keep it in constant motion- a workout for your brain is very essential. Below is a list of activities you could engage in to keep your brain cells active:

  1. Learn to play a musical instrument- this is ideal for an aging mind.
  2. Recall information- Make lists for your tasks and memorize them. This stimulates the mind and also boosts memory
  3. Do math mentally- solve mathematical problems and equations in your head.
  4. Get to the kitchen- A number of senses are used while cooking which stimulate the brain.
  5. Learn a new language. The listening and hearing which is involved in accessing a new language is helpful in stimulating to the brain.
  6. Get to a new sport- An athletic exercise will help strengthening your brain.
  7. Test your taste buds- while eating try to recognize and pick on flavors and ingredients you can taste.
  8. Work on your hand-eye abilities. Take up a new task as a hobby which would involve fine-motor skills.

How to keep stress at bay?

For a healthy state of mind it is also very important of you to manage your stress levels and stress has a very negative affect on your brain and its functioning. The first step is to identify where all your stress is coming from, because once you recognize the sources you are less likely to be agitated and more likely to be more positive about your situation and then deal with it. Next you have to understand and accept that not everything can stay under your control and there are situations you cannot influence. This makes handling the stress a little easier. Moreover, engage yourself in activities that you love. If you spend your days being generally happy, stress wouldn’t take its toll on you.

You also have to develop a resilience to stress and find activities that help you keep your cool. This also includes learning the art of saying no to stay away from situations that you don’t want to get involved in, this also helps you avoid any level of discomfort that can cause stress later on. Lastly, you have to learn to let yourself feel, avoiding all sorts of feelings usually ends in a buildup of stress which later manifests itself into other toxic ways which can be harmful for your mental health.

How to get a brain-boosting diet?

You can also inculcate in your diet the presence of ingredients that can work as boosters for your brain. Choose whole grains because they release glucose into the bloodstream, which means you’ll stay mentally active all day. Research suggests that snacking on blueberries may be highly effective in improving memory. Also patients with a risk of dementia are suggested to eat tomatoes because they naturally help boosting brain cells. Sage, too, has long been known to be important as it improves memory and concentration.